Monthly Archives: April 2010

Proof that alcohol speeds up ageing process – ugh…


I am pretty sure we all know that alcohol is bad for our skin, but according to an article in The Daily Telegraph, we now know why. 

The research, conducted by The University of Milan, found that drinking alcohol “causes stress and inflammation to telemeres – the end of DNA strands”, which means we can look haggard earlier than those who don’t drink.

The findings revealed that it was not only drink that caused the DNA strands to shorten, but that bad diet was also a key contributing factor.  Taking too much excercise and exposing your skin to too much sun and wind also have an affect on the telemeres. 

Still as long as you take ‘everything in moderation’ I am sure you’ll be fine … well that’s what my mum always told me, and i’m sticking to it 😉


Nigella launches her iphone app


Following 6 months after Jamie Oliver‘s, another chef iphone app arrives – only this time, it claims to be the first voice-controlled cooking application.

Available for download on iTunes, the ‘Nigella Quick Collection’ costs £5.00.  It holds 70 recipes and offers 40 minutes of content.

While I am yet to try it, the voice control seems to make sense, especially for those of you who love your iPhones as much as I do and wouldn’t dream of getting food smears across the screen!

I have heard rumors though, that it is only available for 32GB iphones or ipod Touches…