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Champagne is good for the heart


The news I have been waiting for my whole life!

According to research findings from Reading university, due to be published in the British Journal of Nutrition, champagne is good for you – containing polyphenol antioxidants which reduce the effects of cell-damaging free radicals.

But wait – it gets even better: Dr Jeremy Spencer of Reading University comments; “We have found that a couple of glasses a day has a beneficial effect on the walls of blood vessels – which suggests champagne has the potential to reduce strokes and heart disease…It is very exciting news.”

Move over red wine – champagne awaits…going to have to monitor my bank balance though, I wonder how much more I will spend if I drink 2 glasses of champagne a day?  According to the research prosecco and hot chocolate also seem to have the same affects, while a lot cheaper, I’m sticking with champagne for as long as my budget can sustain it – After all, a healthy heart is more important than money right?


World’s First Fairtrade Vodka: FAIR


In a bid to help us drink responsibly, FAIR, the first and only Quinoa-based and fairtrade-certified Vodka has just arrived in London.

The founders, Alexandre Koiransky and Jean-Francois Daniel have managed to create a vodka that is sustainable, fair, delicious and looks cool.  Not having drunk much neat vodka since my irresponsible teen drinking days, I really was pleasantly surprised at how well it went down.

At £30 a bottle, FAIR is meticulously crafted in small batches.  This quinoa (keen-wah) -based vodka is incredibly smooth, perfect to drink on its own, or in yummy cocktails just like the ones I had at the launch.

FAIR won ‘Best tasting vodka 2009’ taking a gold medal at the New York Spirits Awards in June this year and was also rated as ‘exceptional’ by the Chicago Beverage Institute last month with a whopping 93 points!

Next to launch is their Goji berry liquor, I was lucky enough to try it and, even though I am not a massive fan of the berries, the drink is nectar!

For sales please contact: FAIR Jean-Francois Daniel

Supperclub launch takes London’s Portobello by storm


I have been dying for a Supperclub to come to London for years, so I am thrilled to report that it has finally arrived on the old site of the legendary 90’s club Subterranea in Notting Hill Gate.

Awesome concept, incredible venues, and superb entertainment, The Supperclub, founded by artists, challenges other restaurants and clubs in so many ways. It’s a club, bar, restaurant, theatre, cinema, art gallery; it’s metrosexual, it’s freedom, and a breath of fresh air – it’s what London needs.

Owner Bert Van der Leden comments: “Every night is different. Whether it’s the food, music, performances, art, personnel or the guests themselves, a supperclub evening is only a success if all five senses are stimulated. You can be yourself here, and let yourself go.”

Having been to the Supperclubs in Amsterdam and Rome, I really hope that Supperclub London keeps the Dutch atmosphere. It was relaxed yet cool and arty. While the food was fantastic, Supperclub Rome was more about ‘being seen’, it was a bit too pretentious for me, like so many Italian bars tend to be. It could go either way in London, but I can certainly say the launch party last week really impressed me. The drinks, entertainment and nibbles were all fantastic, the waiters and bar staff were friendly and relaxed despite the fact it was their first night. There was no pretentious atmosphere, just interesting people having fun.

Owning a number of Supperclub CD’s, I knew the music at the party was going to be good, and it didn’t disappoint; with world class djs performing at Supperclub locations across the globe.

Opening officially to the public this evening (December 7th), like the other Supperclubs, the four course set menu (£50) is going to change each week, and will be brought to diners while lounging on a long bed, adorned by crisp white pillows and glass tables, similar to the ancient Romans. The French born chef, Renaud Marin has worked in a number of fine establishments, from La Palme D’Or (2*) to London’s Oxo Tower; his menus will be inspired by Supperclub locations and will combine both ‘traditional and unusual flavours, inventing dishes with a Supperclub twist.’

We need a new concept to take this city by storm, and I think we might just have it. The only other place I can compare it to is the Buddha Bar; yet on so many levels they are totally different.

Supperclub London is everything Buddha Bar isn’t, it’s cool, bright and crisp, and above all unpretentious. I just hope that the food will be as exciting and as inspired as the club itself.

Supperclub London: 12 Acklam Road, London, W10 5, 020 8964 6600

Opening times: Monday-Saturday 6pm-2am.  Sunday brunch 11am-6pm

*Dinner is always served at 8.30pm


Findus to sell crispy Lobster pancakes


Several news outlets have today reported that Findus is re-invigoratng its crispy pancake range to include posh options such as Lobster Thermidor.

Apparantly, this is all because Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall made his own version on his Channel 4 River Cottage show.

What do you think – do you love or hate the idea?

Me? Nope, won’t be buying them – might try to make my own though…