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Today: free lunch in Soho to put the Spring in your step?


Spring is here – the daffs are out in bloom!

All this week the weather forecast is for sunshine with only the merest suggestion of clouds, so what better way to celebrate the onset of everyone’s favourite season than with a springtime picnic lunch?

These are the thoughts of the Austrian National Tourist Office, which lives and breathes alpine sun, lush grass and wholesome food, which they’re bringing all the way from their homeland into the heart of central London this week.

If you work in the vicinity of Tottenham Court Road and fancy being treated for lunch today, get down to the Austrian Spring Picnic between 12pm and 2pm and you can expect a traditional Austrian lunchbox filled with Almdudler, Gouda, beef and Styrian pumpkin oil spread sandwiches, a Viennese escalope roll, mozartkugeln and Mannerschnitten.

Enjoy being serenaded with Mozart and Schubert by an Austrian classical string duo, while relaxing on the picnic rugs in Soho Square Gardens and feel the burdens of the week melt away as the sweet chocolate and marzipan balls melt in your mouth.

Dirndl girls will be there to tell you about this week’s weekend break competition, as well as the main prize of a 10 night all inclusive Austrian adventure for two this summer. You can also enter the competition by clicking here.



Special edition Love Hearts for Mother’s Day


Thanks to a new facebook campaign by Swizzels Matlow, my favourite sweets of all time, Love Hearts, have got twenty-two new messages, created by fans, especially for Mother’s Day. 

Adorned with their new messages including ‘Super Mum’, Thanks’, ‘Mum Rules and ‘My Rock’, the love hearts have been packaged up in specially designed, lilac, ‘I Love Mum’ 120gm gift pack for an RRP of £1.39.

Sarah-Louise Heslop, marketing manager at Swizzels Matlow, said: “We thought it was about time we celebrated our wonderful mums on a grand scale. Every mum will love the special messages contained on our iconic sweets. Our Love Hearts tube is the perfect little gift and is a refreshing alternative to chocolate.”

Amazingly, a whopping 2.75 billion Love Hearts are produced every year, that’s enough to stretch 1.5 times around the world – I wonder how many of those I get through?

Streetfood venture ‘Pizza Pilgrims’ launches tomorrow in Soho


If you work in Soho, you’ll be pleased to hear about the new street food venture Pizza Pilgrims.  Three British lads making and selling Napolitan pizzas from the back of a three-wheel Piaggio van/custom-made pizza oven – brilliant idea!

Having spent months touring around Italy on their ‘pilgrimage’ in search of the best ingredients, secret recipes and tricks of the trade, the three pilgrims will be making the pizzas themselves and serving them to the masses of Soho for lunch.

They are using the finest ingredients and while their pizzas may not always be perfectly shaped, the bases are light and fluffy and not too salty.  Having spent a lot of time in Italy eating thousands of pizzas, I was impressed by what they have achieved in such a short space of time – but practice does make perfect… especially when distributing the right amount of toppings and getting the temperatures of the oven just right so that the base cooks properly, but the toppings don’t over heat either 😉

The guys are due to launch tomorrow and will be selling their pizzas around Berwick Street market for about a fiver, so do look out for their Ape pizza oven and give’em a try, you won’t regret it, the sausage pizza was especially good, so was the nutella one!

From working in Soho, I know that between about 12.15 and 1.30 ish all the decent places have a minimum of a 20 metre+ queue, so I hope the pilgrims are well prepared for Soho lunchtime madness!  Best of luck guys, can’t wait to hear all the success stories.