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Harvey Nics 5th floor cafe gets fab revamp


The iconic Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor Café has undergone a complete refurbishment – its first in twenty years, and has re-opened this month as a bigger and brighter, open plan space, with a new interior that includes the expanded Espresso bar and a new kitchen with a brand new food and drink menu.

Overlooking the Knightsbridge rooftops, the Café has always been a famous breakfast meeting spot and the new menu is simply delicious, featuring everything from irresistible Belgian Waffles with winter berries, lavender cream and berry compote, a super healthy breakfast pot with granola, greek yoghurt and Bramley apple to smoked salmon with potato cake and poached egg, a full English, continental breakfasts and a healthy selection of smoothies and fresh juices.

Clearly the full English was unavoidable, so the two of us shared that alongside the smoked salmon with poached egg and potato cake, oh and not forgetting the scrumptious extra portion of hash browns I ordered on the side.. sorry i couldn’t resist!

While the food was almost faultless – I prefer my egg to be a tiny bit softer, and the potato cake a little less charred around the edges – I have to say the salmon, black pudding and hash browns were to die for and the juices and smoothies were delicious and healthy, especially the ginger, carrot and orange, and the apple, cucumber and elderflower.  YUM.

As we near Christmas, don’t forget to stop in the food halls, amazing place for present shopping!


How to make the perfect Gin & Tonic… and how not to!



… and on that note, oooh will you look at the time, it’s four o’clock and Friday afternoon humn…? 😉

One in seven lacks the skills to cook a meal from scratch!

One in seven lacks the skills to cook a meal from scratch!

While British cuisine is having somewhat of a revival, this is clearly not making its way into household kitchens, as home cooked meals have dropped by 20% since the 80s.

According to new research by Kenwood, only four out of the average household’s 21 meals a week are cooked from scratch, whilst consumption of ready meals or takeaways has significantly increased.

The study also showed that kitchen nerves are more prevalent in men than women, and in particular amongst the under 35s, who find cooking more stressful than older generations.

This could be down to the fact that ready meals are so good these days that people don’t see the need to cook at home; or perhaps they no longer have as much time to cook, trying to fit food around busy social lives; or it could simply be attributed to the fact that we now have a generation who didn’t see their parents cook much, so therefore were not exposed to necessary home cooking skills – which I think is really sad!

Mark Swift, Director of Marketing at Kenwood, comments, “It’s a great shame to discover the extent to which cooking from scratch is on the decline, and the impact that this is having on our cookery confidence and ability in the UK. Cooking from scratch is a great way to de-stress and it’s also an important way to teach children about correct nutrition, and pass on cooking knowledge so they know their way around the kitchen.

What hope does Britain have of our ensuring our food revival continues, if we aren’t able to pass valuable cookery skills onto the next generation?