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Streetfood venture ‘Pizza Pilgrims’ launches tomorrow in Soho


If you work in Soho, you’ll be pleased to hear about the new street food venture Pizza Pilgrims.  Three British lads making and selling Napolitan pizzas from the back of a three-wheel Piaggio van/custom-made pizza oven – brilliant idea!

Having spent months touring around Italy on their ‘pilgrimage’ in search of the best ingredients, secret recipes and tricks of the trade, the three pilgrims will be making the pizzas themselves and serving them to the masses of Soho for lunch.

They are using the finest ingredients and while their pizzas may not always be perfectly shaped, the bases are light and fluffy and not too salty.  Having spent a lot of time in Italy eating thousands of pizzas, I was impressed by what they have achieved in such a short space of time – but practice does make perfect… especially when distributing the right amount of toppings and getting the temperatures of the oven just right so that the base cooks properly, but the toppings don’t over heat either 😉

The guys are due to launch tomorrow and will be selling their pizzas around Berwick Street market for about a fiver, so do look out for their Ape pizza oven and give’em a try, you won’t regret it, the sausage pizza was especially good, so was the nutella one!

From working in Soho, I know that between about 12.15 and 1.30 ish all the decent places have a minimum of a 20 metre+ queue, so I hope the pilgrims are well prepared for Soho lunchtime madness!  Best of luck guys, can’t wait to hear all the success stories.


Benares pops-up in Soho’s Meza


Fine dining Indian restaurant Benares has just launched an exciting new pop-up in Meza, which will be open for four weeks, until 28th May.

Michelin starred chef Atul Kochhar has transformed the modern grill menu of Meza into the Benares pop-up, bringing some mouth-watering examples of modern British Indian cuisine and Indian street food to the heart of Soho.  The menu includes some of the Benares signature dishes and some funky new additions.

After finishing my exquisite mango and chilli kaipiroska, we tucked into an assortment of vibrant dishes, each of which left me salivating for more.

What a far cry from your average curry house meal! Wok tossed prawns with spring onion, pineapple and soy; kadhai cottage cheese with coloured peppers and little gem; crisp soft shell crab with lemon grass mayonnaise; chicken tikka with red onion salad and mint chutney; and ‘Achaari’ duck supreme with vanilla beetroot.

The prawns were utterly fantastic; delightfully succulent and coated in sweet, spicy, juicy, chilli, ginger and pineapple yummyness.  The chicken tikka was tender and bursting with flavour, and the crab was simply to die for – deliciously soft and melting in the mouth. The duck was good, but my least favourite, mainly because the flavour of duck just didn’t shine through, (and I prefer my duck to be pink,) but having said that the bed of beetroot and vanilla that accompanied it was sublime.  Having never been a fan of paneer, the kadhai cottage cheese on little gem was a real surprise, an exciting and inventive combination of textures and flavours.

Not that I had any space after that, but next came the curries…chicken tikka masala and kashmiri style lamb roganjosh, accompanied by black lentil daal, pulao rice and bread.

As expected they did not disappoint, the chicken was cooked to perfection, juicy portions drenched in a sweet, tomatoey sauce; deliciously meaty lamb that fell apart in the mouth and coupling this with the aromatic rice, the robust lentils and naan just made the meal complete.

While my stomach was bursting out of my jeans, I just couldn’t resist sampling one of Atul’s puddings – pannacotta with cardamom…divine, need I say more!

To top it all off, once the waiter had cleared the table, he bought what looked like two white fluffy marshmallows on a plate, and proceeded to pour boiling water on top, transforming them into little hand towels – genius!

As well as superb food, the service we received was spot on, polite, helpful, friendly, attentive…what more could you want!

The pop-up will be open for dinner only, Monday – Saturday and Benares restaurant will be operating as normal.

For reservations please call 020 7314 4002  www.atulkochhar.com / www.benaresrestaurant.co.uk  www.meza-bar.co.uk