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Posh water: Limited edition Bulgari San Pellegrino bottle


To bring a timeless streak of Italian glamour to your table, Italy’s iconic brand S. Pellegrino has partnered with world famous Italian jeweler Bulgari, to design a stunning limited edition bottle.

As a tribute to Italian magnificence, the new design of the S. Pellegrino bottle fronts the sparkles famous of the Italian jeweler.

Sourced and bottled at a thermal source in the Italian pre-Alps, it is instantly recognisable by its fine bubbles and subtle mineral aromas.  Following my water pairing experience last year, I can say it really is perfectly paired with structured foods and wines, rich in flavours and aromas, which is why it is found on the tables of top restaurants around the globe.

S. Pellegrino is my favourite bottled water, and hey pretty bottles like this, just make it even more special!

Priya Shaheed, S. Pellegrino Brand Manager UK says “When S. Pellegrino met Bulgari, the idea came out naturally: it brings together the most prestigious brands which set the standard for Italian standard all over the world. Our brand is an international symbol of the Italian art of living and partnering with Bulgari adds power to our efforts to export the finest side of Italy”.

The special edition of S. Pellegrino was launched exclusively in Harrods but is now available elsewhere.


Taste of London: Ever thought about pairing water and wine?


Many of you will choose your wine according to the food you are going to pair with it, but have you ever questioned what type of water you should be drinking at the same time?

I know very little about the water harmonisation and tend to choose by what feels right at the time, and the brand that is on offer.   I know I like some bottled water and not others but what I never really take into account is the effect that different water flavours have on the taste of the food or the wine that I will be drinking it with.

I’m going to find out more at Taste of London, so if you are interested in learning more about this as well, why not head down to the S.  Pellegrino stand (J17).  Andreas Larsson, voted the ‘Best Sommelier in the World,  will be giving free sessions on water and wine harmonisation throughout the whole of event, so you can learn from the top dog!