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Posh water: Limited edition Bulgari San Pellegrino bottle


To bring a timeless streak of Italian glamour to your table, Italy’s iconic brand S. Pellegrino has partnered with world famous Italian jeweler Bulgari, to design a stunning limited edition bottle.

As a tribute to Italian magnificence, the new design of the S. Pellegrino bottle fronts the sparkles famous of the Italian jeweler.

Sourced and bottled at a thermal source in the Italian pre-Alps, it is instantly recognisable by its fine bubbles and subtle mineral aromas.  Following my water pairing experience last year, I can say it really is perfectly paired with structured foods and wines, rich in flavours and aromas, which is why it is found on the tables of top restaurants around the globe.

S. Pellegrino is my favourite bottled water, and hey pretty bottles like this, just make it even more special!

Priya Shaheed, S. Pellegrino Brand Manager UK says “When S. Pellegrino met Bulgari, the idea came out naturally: it brings together the most prestigious brands which set the standard for Italian standard all over the world. Our brand is an international symbol of the Italian art of living and partnering with Bulgari adds power to our efforts to export the finest side of Italy”.

The special edition of S. Pellegrino was launched exclusively in Harrods but is now available elsewhere.


Celebrate Malbec World Day tomorrow…by drinking loads of the stuff!


Having been to Argentina and drunk loads of Malbec, I know I never need an excuse to drink more, but I’ve got one tomorrow.  The 17th of April, tomorrow, marks the first Malbec World Day, that will see Wines of Argentina partner with wineries around the world to create a series of unique ‘vintage 2011’ Malbec wines – yummy!

In the UK, Chapel Down, one of the UK’s premier producers, is collaborating with Wines of Argentina to create an authentic Argentine Malbec with an English twist.  Chapel Down will crush, press and bottle the Malbec grapes which have been picked from Gaucho Restaurant’s vineyards in the heart of Argentina’s wine region in Mendoza. The wine will then be aged by Chapel Down, ready to be released on Malbec World Day 2012, when it will be sold in Gaucho Restaurants, at Chapel Down and at selected retailers around the UK as a limited edition.

To celebrate the partnership and creation of the wine, Chapel Down is inviting visitors on an exclusive tour of its vineyard and winery tomorrow, Malbec World Day, to explain how the wine will be made.  Guests will be offered tastings of Argentine Malbec and Chapel Down’s own wines.

Events, tastings and offers will also be taking place across the UK throughout April to celebrate Malbec World Day, including a large-scale Malbec promotion at Majestic’s 200 stores; a Malbec experience with authentic food; music and tango at the Sunday Times Wine Club Vintage Festival and a Malbec Tasting day at Harrods on Malbec World Day.

Gaucho Restaurants will be offering complimentary mini Malbec Masterclasses for all guests dining at a Gaucho restaurant up until 22nd April; and will also be hosting a series of events throughout the month at Gaucho Broadgate, including a ‘Meet the Wine Director’ dinner with Phil Crozier, a leading authority on Argentine wines and the inaugural Gaucho Broadgate Kilo Club dinner, with Malbec wines to match each course.

Happy drinking peeps!

Jing launches exclusive new Nilgiri tea


Jing has just added an exciting new exclusive black tea to its, already fantastic, range.

The tea is produced on the Coonoor Estate in the Nilgiri hills in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. To date Nilgiri tea has really only been known to connoisseurs actively seeking out teas from this particular region, but now it will be available to us all in small, whole leaf batches.  At its best when brewed with a tablespoon of tea for two and a half minutes and drunk without milk, it has a rich flavour with hints of malt, caramel and orange peel – it really is absolutely delicious.

Jing, founded by Edward Eisler in 2005, is the exclusive supplier of Nilgiri tea to the UK market, and meeting the team, you can really tell how passionately they feel about the products they produce.  They clearly take pride in ensuring their products are produced to an optimum quality and in a socially beneficial way.  The Jing website is a fountain of tea facts and knowledge informing readers on what tea is available, how to drink it, where it comes from and many more interesting nuggets of information.

It is important to note that tea plantations in the Nilgiri region have a constant battle to find good workers, as the young are moving towards the major cities in search of better-paid and more modern jobs.

David Hepburn, Jing comments on the situation; “Having to recruit from elsewhere brings additional problems; the estate has recently employed workers from the north of India who do not speak the local language, so language teachers have had to be employed to teach these workers. The rising cost of labour in developing countries is also making recruitment for tea industry jobs very tough.  However, the estate knows that in order to attract good workers they not only need to pay fair wages, they need to look after them properly.  A few thousand people live on the plantation estate, which includes hospitals and schools for workers and their families and no exploitation so everyone works and lives in harmony”.

Nilgiri tea pickers

Jing worked with a producer focused on making a top quality large whole leaf Nilgiri tea. The tea is produced in factories using machinery imported from China, where the long processing methods which produce really great tea are used more frequently than in other countries. The tea goes through four or five base drying sessions as opposed to only one for standard grades which is meant to keep the flavour for longer than traditional Indian methods.  David Hepburn adds; “Only the finest leaves from the 46 acre, organically certified area are used to produce this tea. No shortcuts are made in the production”.

Have a look at Jing’s website and order it for yourselves and see what you think – you won’t be disappointed! Don’t just try the Nilgiri though, they are all delicious, so get yourself a selection – I also have a box of Silver Needle white tea, considered the rarest and most famous Chinese white tea, on my desk which brings a ray of sunshine into the office!

You can also buy Jing in restaurants, hotels and airlines across the world including Harrods, Heston Fat Duck, Gordon Ramsay restaurants, Tate Galleries, The Lanesborough and Brown’s hotels, and Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Lounges.