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A Christmas gift guide for alcohol enthusiasts!



-The Reserva de la Familia Limited Edition

Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia tequila is celebrating the subculture of tattoo art this Christmas, teaming up with Mexican artist Jerónimo López Ramírez to create a funky gift pack. The handcrafted wooden box celebrates the notorious style of the artist known as ‘Dr. Lakra’, a legend in Mexican tattoo artistry. His work has been shown across the world, bringing his unique style, influenced by comics, flamenco dancing and music covers, to several different art forms and audiences.

Reserva de la Familia is no ordinary tequila. Every March Fancisco Hajnal, Cuervo’s Master Blender, mixes a unique blend from the Cuervo tequila reserves, producing a limited number of special bottles; hand-poured, wax-sealed, numbered and labelled ‘Reserva de la Familia’. Since 1995, to honour the extraordinary tequila, the Cuervo family has teamed up with the Mexican artist of the moment to design a one-off gift box, creating collectible limited editions.

A tequila to be appreciated and sipped, served best over ice.  The Reserva de la Familia collectible box is available from Selfridges for £84.68 RRP.


This Christmas, why not treat someone to a bottle of award winning tequila Jose Cuervo, Platino. The silver tequila comes in a striking blue wooden box, making it an ideal gift for those who appreciate the fine Mexican spirit.

Made from 100% blue agave, Platino boasts an exquisite flavour thanks to the Cuervo family’s secret recipe and unique handcrafted production process that has developed over 200 years at Casa Cuervo. Its light herbaceous aromas give way to hints of vanilla and this smooth tequila is best served in luxurious cocktails.

An ideal gift for foodies, and all discerning drinkers, the Cuervo Platino gift box is available from Selfridges for £55.44 RRP.

THE IDEAL STOCKING FILLER FOR THE WHISKY ENTHUSIAST: The Talisker® Single Malt Scotch Whisky Flask and Glass Pack

 The makers of Talisker whisky this year has created the perfect solution to honour the award winning malt; a striking special edition of the Talisker 10 year old 20cl that comes together with a unique Talisker rocking glass and a hip flask. The perfect stocking filler, savour the whisky at home or in the hipflask whilst enjoying the great outdoors on your Boxing Day walk.

At a recommended price of £19.99 and available from whisky specialists.

FOR JOHNNIE WALKER® LOVERS: The Johnnie Walker Black Label Gift Pack

The Johnnie Walker Black Label gift pack includes a bottle of the smooth Scotch whisky, along with two elegant tumbler glasses, all enclosed in a stylish black case. Aged for 12 years, Johnnie Walker Black Label is a unique blend with a smooth, deep and complex character.

Available to buy from selected whisky specialist stores, the Johnnie Walker Black Label gift pack has an RRP of £29.99.


The Johnnie Walker Red Label Gift Pack

To ensure you’re spoilt for choice when deciding what to buy the whisky enthusiast in your life, the makers of Johnnie Walker have also created two Johnnie Walker Red Label gift packs.  The first pack contains two complimentary bespoke tumblers embossed with the famous Johnnie Walker striding man, along with a bottle of the world renowned whisky, famous for its bold and characterful taste. In contrast to Johnnie Walker Black Label, Red Label has been created to drink long. Just adding water will unleash the robust, sweet and smoky blend to its full potential.

The Johnnie Walker Red Label Glass Pack is available from selected supermarkets throughout the UK, priced at £21.99.


Grand Marnier has created The Red Ribbon Limited Edition Bottle to shake up your drinks cabinet during the party months.

Renowned for its distinctive flavour and character, Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge is a delicate blend of fine cognacs and distilled essence of tropical oranges. Slowly aged in French oak casks, Grand Marnier has an incomparable roundness and subtlety, making it a fantastic ingredient for Christmas drinks.

The Red Ribbon Edition is available to buy from October in Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, with an RRP of£29.99.


Tanqueray gin has created Tonight’s Edition.  The bottle of Tanqueray gin, honoured with a Royal Warrant in 1925, is enclosed in a high quality, premium silver shrink sleeve and embossed with the iconic Tanqueray seal; a must have for any cocktail enthusiast.

The gift pack comes with the seal of approval from Erik Lorincz the head barman at the world famous American Bar in the London Savoy.  It also includes a recipe to create the perfect Tanqueray & Tonic so you can recreate the glamour of the cocktail bar in the comfort of your own home.

Tanqueray gin’s complex combination of refreshing juniper, peppery coriander and aromatic angelica give it an elegant taste that sets it apart from the rest and has helped make it one of the world’s most awarded gin.

The Tanqueray Tonight’s Edition is available at all major supermarkets this Christmas, with an RRP of £22.99.


Zacapa 23 Solera is regarded as one of the finest rums in the world. The ultra-premium RonZacapa 23 gift box comes complete with two bespoke tasting glasses.  It is the result of a unique combination of soil climate and ultra-high-grade cane sugar and is produced using only the first pressing of the sugar cane, the virgin cane honey.

This is skillfully distilled and then transported to the aging facility, known as ‘the house above the clouds’ sitting as it does at 2300m above sea level. Not only is the location unique, but the cool air serves a practical purpose of slowing the ageing process to craft rums of impeccable quality.

The Zacapa 23 gift box includes a 70cl bottle with two elegant bespoke Zacapa sipping glasses, and is available exclusively from Selfridges RRSP from £65.


Spirits make easy Christmas presents


Choosing Christmas presents can sometimes be impossible, so rather than a tie or pair of socks that will only get pushed to the back of the drawer, if you know what their favourite tipple is, why not get something they will definitely use and like instead.

I have recently come across a few drink brands that have launched special editions for the Christmas market.  They are all available from highstreet shops, and none of which will break the bank – perfect!

My personal favourite (“hint hint”) is for the gin lover and cocktail enthusiast.  Tanqueray‘s new limited edition gift pack includes a bottle of Tanqueray gin and a snazzy stainless steel, fully functional three piece cocktail shaker. It is available from Oddbins, Nicolas and other specialist retailers, and is priced at £17.99

Johnnie Walker Black Label has a limited edition gift pack, which contains a Gold Pass invitation offering exclusive access to the stylish and sophisticated world of Formula 1!   Priced at £23, it is available from all major retailers and whisky specialists

Also, Grand Marnier, which is undergoing a revival after 130 years in business, has designed an exclusive new Ruby limited edition bottle, black with a ruby-red jewel, aimed at women. It is available from Selfridges, Oddbins and Nicolas, and is priced at £19.99

If you’re looking for more of a stocking filler, (and I can think if a number of people who would love this) there is the Single Malt Whisky Flavour Experience Gift Pack. Priced at just £12, it includes four miniature contrasting whiskies together with The Flavour Map, which is a guide on tasting single malt whiskies.  It is available from Tesco, and other selected convenience and specialist retailers

Talisker has two different gifts this Christmas.  The RNLI Seascape Pack where each limited edition bottle of Talisker 10YO that is sold raises money for the RNLI, and Talisker 57° North which comes protected in practical flask, together with two natty little drinking cups. The RNLI Seascape Pack is priced at £32 and is available from Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrison’s and AsdaTalisker 57° North is priced at £65 and is available from whisky specialists

Happy shopping!

Guest recipe: Grand Esprit – Grand Marnier celebrates 130th birthday


Who would have thought Grand Marnier could be a competitor to Pimms?  Usually stuck at the back of drinks cabinets gathering dust, Grand Marnier is having a revival so I put previous conceptions aside to try it in something more than Christmas tree chocolates.

Celebrating its 130th birthday, the brand is promoting The Grand Esprit, a tasty little summery cocktail to entice a younger consumer.

Coupling the cognac and orangey flavours of Grand Marnier with a splash of elderflower and a dash of soda water is all it takes to turn the drink into a natty cocktail.  Add fresh strawberries, a slice of orange, pour it over ice and you have the perfect thirst quencher for a BBQ, picnic or summer drinks party.

How to make a Grand Esprit:

Fill a tall glass with cubed ice
25ml Grand Marnier®
25ml elderflower cordial
175ml soda water
Stir well and add slices of orange and strawberry
1 unit per serve
For a pitcher, just multiply the ingredients by four.