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“The Magical Coffee Machine” – A Costa Express Production


A cute little video all about Costa’s Express machines… enjoy!


Costa launches Costa light! Check out the video to see how light it really is!


Costa’s Master of Coffee, Gennaro Pelliccia, gets airborne in this new video to promote Costa Light (cl).

The new concoction is a shot of Costa expresso, which is then mixed with skimmed milk and finally frothed together to make Costa light… sounds good to me!

One thing that surprised me about this video is that Costa sells a whopping 520 million cups of coffee each day worldwide – That sure is a hell of a lot of coffee!

Expresso bad for the heart?


I have always thought that coffee, expresso’s in particular, are bad for my heart – mainly because I can feel my heart beating frantically and feel agitated immediately after I have one!  However, I had never seen much proof until now.

According to recent research from the University of Palermo, just one single expresso can raise blood pressure significantly and restrict arteries for at least an hour after drinking it.

They also performed the same tests using decaf expresso, but this had no real effect.

While it may seem dangerous to drink coffee having just read this, the findings, that were published in British Coffee Association, were only tested on 20 people, and the British Coffee Association has since highlighted that “when consumed in moderation … coffee is safe for the general population.”

So, until I have further proof, I am going to continue to have the occasional expresso, well I can’t resist it!