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Harvey Nics 5th floor cafe gets fab revamp


The iconic Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor Café has undergone a complete refurbishment – its first in twenty years, and has re-opened this month as a bigger and brighter, open plan space, with a new interior that includes the expanded Espresso bar and a new kitchen with a brand new food and drink menu.

Overlooking the Knightsbridge rooftops, the Café has always been a famous breakfast meeting spot and the new menu is simply delicious, featuring everything from irresistible Belgian Waffles with winter berries, lavender cream and berry compote, a super healthy breakfast pot with granola, greek yoghurt and Bramley apple to smoked salmon with potato cake and poached egg, a full English, continental breakfasts and a healthy selection of smoothies and fresh juices.

Clearly the full English was unavoidable, so the two of us shared that alongside the smoked salmon with poached egg and potato cake, oh and not forgetting the scrumptious extra portion of hash browns I ordered on the side.. sorry i couldn’t resist!

While the food was almost faultless – I prefer my egg to be a tiny bit softer, and the potato cake a little less charred around the edges – I have to say the salmon, black pudding and hash browns were to die for and the juices and smoothies were delicious and healthy, especially the ginger, carrot and orange, and the apple, cucumber and elderflower.  YUM.

As we near Christmas, don’t forget to stop in the food halls, amazing place for present shopping!


Jordans launches Creations Oat Granola


One of the first to bring granola to the UK almost 40 years ago, Jordans has just launched another new tasty addition to its range, dubbed Creations Oat Granola.

There are two new combinations to choose from; ‘Juicy Cranberry & Golden Honey’ and ‘Baked Apple & a hint of Cinnamon’, which both sound yummy to me.  As well as being tasty, they are also really healthy, as they both contain absolutely nothing artificial – i.e. no colourings, flavourings or preservatives, and even better, the oaty base is only sweetened with honey.

The other thing that caught my eye is that the company gathers oats from its own British Conservation Grade™ farms, where the farmers manage 10% of their land so that bees, birds and butterflies thrive – we like!

Bill Jordan adds: “I first tried Granola when I was a drummer in a band touring California in the 60s. It was a real eureka moment for me because oats are so nutritious and are the main ingredient in Granola.  As a family of flour millers at Jordans we knew all about the benefitsof eating wholegrain cereals like oats so Granola seemed to be the perfect way of making wholegrains really delicious. Creations is the next generation of Jordans Granola and I amreally pleased we are giving people another choice at breakfast which not only tastes great but contains all the goodness of oats and absolutely nothing artificial.”

Jordans Creations Oat Granola range is now available from selected supermarkets at an RRP of £3.49 for a 500g pack.

Eat Natural’s new range of toasted muesli


I have been trying to find a cereal for ages that I can eat without getting bored of it after a week, and I have finally discovered it!  New out this summer, fruit and nut bar brand, Eat Natural, has launched a range of toasted muselis – and they have totally revolutionised my mornings.

What usually annoys me most about museli is an overload of flour, lack of taste and cardboard flakes, but there is none of this at all in Eat Natural’s recipes.

While I have so far only tried two, they are both delicious, bursting with so many different flavours, and nice crispy textures, that I can’t wait to try the others.

Taking 18 months to develop the range, you can see they have been developed with a lot of careful thought.  There are also two which are totally gluten free.

Harriet Gregory, who looks after ‘Food Matters’ at the Eat Natural Makery, comments; “Our whole premise at Eat Natural, is about making simple foods that taste absolutely gorgeous.  All the nuts, seeds and cereals in our muesli are specially roasted to add flavour and toastiness.  We’re still using familiar, delicious ingredients, like juicy dried fruit, but have also experimented with more unusual stuff like buckwheat and some unique stuff of our own, like our lovely, wholesome toasted ryecrumbs.  And yes, some of our ingredients, like rich, dark chocolate, are a bit on the indulgent side too, but well…you’ve got to ‘live a little’ sometimes.”

The five recipes available are:

…for every day.

A mix of roasted oats and toasted flakes of spelt and corn mixed with crunchy brazils, hazelnuts, sunflowers seeds, juicy sultanas, raisins and honey.

…with nuts and seeds.

A crunchy mix of roasted hazelnuts and almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and linseeds with toasted ryecrumbs, oats, coconuts, crisped rice and honey.

…with chocolate.

An indulgent blend of sweet cranberries, roasted oats and spelt flakes, macadamias, juicy sultanas, coconut, and toasted dark chocolate ryecrumbs.

…with vine fruit.

A fruity mix of juicy sultanas and raisins, with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and linseeds, almonds and honey.

…with buckwheat.

A blend of toasted buckwheat and crisped rice with raisins, mixed seeds, coconut, honey, and a pinch of cinnamon.

I can’t recommend them more highly, they are nutritious, tasty and reasonably priced, what more could one want?

Eat Natural’s Toasted Mueslis are available in Waitrose, priced at approximately £2.99.

Marmite cereal bar to be launched by Unilever


I have never been one to chomp on cereal bars, I find them too sickly sweet, but Unilever’s idea of Marmite cereal bars seems rather appealing to me.

People will either ‘love them or hate them’; personally I can’t be without Marmite, I even took a pot with me around South East Asia, so am looking forward to trying these out.

I can see them being especially good for those who want to munch breakfast on the way to work – just remember to brush your teeth before getting into the office, as Marmite breath is the worst!

If you try them, do please let me know what you think!